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Featured Cases

Mina da Panasqueira

Covilhã | Portugal

Mining operations have caused continuous heavy metal pollution for over a century, compromissing the integrity of the Zêzere river,...

Mina de Touro

A Coruña | Spain

After open-pit mining between 1974 and 1987, the mine was abandoned without restoration and used for waste processing and disposal. The mine...

Mina de El Valle-Boinás

Asturias | Spain

This gold, silver and copper mine began open-pit mining in 1996-1997, subsequently mining underground and processing material from other...

Mina de Las Cruces

Seville | Spain

This mine was authorised despite exploiting a deposit that lies beneath an aquifer that was considered as a strategic emergency reserve for...

Mina de Aguablanca

Badajoz | Spain

This open-pit nickel-copper mine operated between 2005 and 2015, causing heavy metal pollution in the Rivera del Cala river. Permits for an...

Mina do Barroso

Boticas | Portugal

The project intends to transform an innactive quarry concession into a open-pit lithium mine affecting a large area in the Barroso region....

Latest Cases

Minas da Borralha

Montalegre | Portugal

The mine operated from 1903 to 1985, when it was abandoned without restoration. Concessions were terminated in 1993 and the area designated...

Minas de Riotinto

Huelva | Spain

The Riotinto mines have been intensively exploited during the past 150 years, depleting many deposits and severely polluting the Tinto and...

Mina Los Frailes

Seville | Spain

After the (foretold) catastrophe caused by the tailings dam failure in 1998, the mine was closed in 2001. In February 2015, the...

Latest News

European Launch of the Iberian Mining Observatory

21st of October 2022

Website launch of the Iberian Mining Observatory

11th of May 2022

Seminar on 'Cartographies of Extractivist Violence'

9th of May 2022

Creation of the Iberian Mining Observatory is announced in the Congress of Deputies

13th of March 2022