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MiningWatch Portugal

Report misconduct

MINOB collects infringements and cases of bad practices in the mining industry based on complaints made by citizens and social organisations. These are always treated confidentially and may include a wide range of impacts and situations, such as:

Wherever possible, reported violations should be referenced through sources such as information published in newspapers, scientific publications, administrative documents, etc. They should also include photographs or videos. Each reported case will be reviewed and verified by the entities participating in MINOB. In cases not yet reported to judicial or administrative authorities, an early warning system will be activated to bring the facts to the attention of the relevant judicial, administrative or police authorities.

Report a case

You want to report an infraction not yet listed on MINOB? Please submit the form below. You are free to make an anonymous complaint but please consider adding a contact so we can follow up in case there are questions on the case. Usually, local residents or experts are most familiar with the situation on the ground. Obviously, we will handle any contact confidentially. In case of uploading images, please refer to their authorship in the comments and also tell us if you authorise their use for illustrative means on the MINOB website and in other MINOB publications like annual reports.

In case you need more time to collect the information for a case, please download the Word form and send it to us, either by email,, or by attaching it to this form.