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James Sandham

Education materials

MINOB offers free educational materials developed to raise public awareness of the environmental and socio-economic conflicts and impacts associated with extractivism. The need to raise awareness and disseminate information about mining from alternative and evidence-based perspective supported by historical and scientific facts is particularly necessary at this time, given the intense activity aimed at creating a favourable state of opinion by erasing or minimising the negativities associated with extractivism.


The materials offered here are the result of the generous collaboration of environmental educators, illustrators, primary, secondary and university teachers, environmental activists and historians. Built from the perspective of education for sustainability, they aim to foster a critical and reactive attitude towards the vision of mining projected by much of the industry and certain institutions, in order to empower society to defend its land, its health and its future.


Capa Libro infantil La montaña soñada

“Mountain dreamer” children's book

A fox cub's nightmare awakens readers to extractivist destruction and the responsibility to defend land and nature. Mountain dreamer is a story about open-pit mining written by Jo Jefferson and illustrated by James Sandham. The book also includes 14 pages of fun research, reflection and colour-in activities to help kids (and grown ups!) develop critical thinking around the problems of mining and how to confront them. The book is a response to the call for imaginings on a world without extractivism made by the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network (MISN) and was launched during the 2022 Camp in Defence of Barroso.

 Available in English [PDF], Spanish [PDF], Portuguese [PDF], Galician [PDF], Basque [PDF], and Catalan [PDF].


Capa Libro infantil La mina contamina

“Droplet and wagtail's tailings tale” children's book

When a Wagtail bird lands by a river’s edge, a tiny water droplet warns it not to take a drink – the water has been contaminated with mining waste! This is how Droplet and Wagtail’s Tailing’s Tale begins. The book uses the conversation between the titular characters as a way to introduce the concepts of mine waste (tailings), acid mine drainage and bioaccumulation, learning about the massive damage they can do to local water resources, wildlife, and human communities. It also offers activities to engage and encourage the reader in taking action and becoming part of the solution. This book received the United Nations University 2019 RCE Award for Innovative Projects on Education for Sustainable Development.

Available in English [PDF], Spanish [PDF], Galician [PDF], Portuguese [PDF], Basque [PDF], Catalan [PDF], and Asturian [PDF].